Boost Up Your Efficiency

Super easy nodejs based server for mobile apps,
JavaScript interfaces and API building from any SQL.

npm install zazler

Getting started

What can you do with Zazler


Mobile only need to handle datarequests and Zazler is ready for that.


JS heavy interfaces can concentrateonly to frontend.

API for IS

Zazler is perfect to integrate information systems.


Websites that have database can be built easily.


Zazler can provide easily to integrate with Excel create PDF etc.


Users are able to create requestsand analyze data by themselves.

Benefits of Zazler

Easy to start

Zazler is webserver and very easy to configure. That's why you can start using data in minutes.

Less code (if any...)

Zazler learns database schema so you can access without writing any SQL.

Shorter todo list

Ability to query data without changing backend code speeds up development speed.

Integration for different platforms

You can create custom API very easily. No libraries needed to exchange data.

Integration with Excel

Use XML, HTML, ASCII or CSV to use database data in Excel or any other spreadsheet software.

Zazler documentation for integration

With Zazler you can give our documentation and your data source URL and you are done.

Getting started

Serverside: Node.js

// This code gives REST API to database and enables all following features instantly.

var zazler = require("zazler");
zazler.conf({ listen: [ { port: 80 } ] });
zazler.db("db", "sqlite:///tmp/my.db", { read: "*" });

1 1 George Washington 1789-04-30 1797-03-04 135246.32
2 2 John Adams 1797-03-04 1801-03-04 236453.34

More features

* Modify database
* Authentication (by table/columns or by content)
* Custom formatting
* Adding SQL functions via JavaScript
* Making pdf on-the-fly using wkhtmltopdf, mpdf or any other html to pdf converter (not documented by 2015-01-23)
* Events on data requests and writes (not documented by 2015-01-23)
* Aliases for nice URLs and simplification (not documented by 2015-01-23)
* Parsers for data postings (not documented by 2015-01-23)
* WebSocket access (in development, not documented by 2015-01-23)

What our Clients think about Zazler

Our company have been using Zazler for a while and could not imagine backend without Zazler. It's simple to use and configure, but still capable for extremly advanced solutions. I don't see point of using any other backend language - Zazler is just perfect!

Tiit Remmel, Programmer @ IITEE Ltd

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