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Super easy access to SQL databases from any Web/Mobile applications.

npm install zazler

Getting started

Getting started

Serverside: Node.js

// This code gives REST API to database and enables all following features instantly.

var zazler = require("zazler");
zazler.db("db", "mysql://localhost/mydb", { read: "*" });

1 1 George Washington 1789-04-30 1797-03-04 135246.32
2 2 John Adams 1797-03-04 1801-03-04 236453.34

More features

* Modify database
* Authentication (by table/columns or by content)
* Custom formatting
* Adding SQL functions via JavaScript
* Aliases for nice URLs and simplification
* Parsers for data postings
* Making pdf on-the-fly using wkhtmltopdf, mpdf or any other html to pdf converter (not documented)
* Events on data requests and writes (not documented)
* WebSocket access (in development, not documented)

What our Clients think about Zazler

Our company have been using Zazler for a while and could not imagine backend without Zazler. It's simple to use and configure, but still capable for extremly advanced solutions. I don't see point of using any other backend language - Zazler is just perfect!

Tiit Remmel, Programmer @ IITEE Ltd

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