Zazler is framework for Node.js with different architectural pattern (not MVC, not MVVC or similar).


Zazler goal is to build framework where interfaces can be built to online systems from outside world. Everybody can build alternative interface to living site (or information system) without having any special rights.

As open-source allows everybody to use or modify software as they want, we want to do same with online sites/databases. It opens up ability to build API-s and interfaces what users need.

Well, this is what we are building :)

We belive that only restriction to user should be access to data. If you have access then user must be able to query and consume data in form they find to be best. Users can do that anyway. Zazler makes it easy. Let's servers do dirty work for users.

Using Zazler you are more declarative. It means more rules, less code (CSS is declarative, JavaScript is not).

Similar products

Zazler is different. Zazler aim is to build up websites, not only API-s.


Zazler is and will be free with features it already has. We are going to charge features that limit your users (for example limit to see some data only in your custom format).